I'm In Love With You-

November 23, 2007
By Maryjane Sofia Wheeler BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
Maryjane Sofia Wheeler BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
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I still remember your smile
As I walked down the aisle-
I still remember your lips,
And our first married kiss

I remember that evening
As if it were yesterday
And early the next morning
We decided in bed we would stay

I still have that special dress,
The one you took off
And late after you're asleep, I put it on
The flowers have faded away
And the end is a bit frayed,
But I know you'd say I look beautiful
And the dress looks just the same

I still have those pictures
That stranger took of us-
And when I look into your eyes,
I know you're still the one

I've seen you grow from a boy to a man
We're lovers still, but now you're a dad
And I love the way you spin our child 'round and 'round
How you kiss her cuts and scrapes when she falls down...
How you look at me hurridly, then turn to her and say,
You're only sixteen, you're not aloud to kiss him that way-
And how you walk down the aisle one final time
How you give her away, and she kisses you goodbye...

I'm in love with you,
I'm in love with you
The fights and the screams
The hugs and the dreams,
Late afternoon sighs and passionate goodnights
After all the "I hate you's..."
I'm only more in love with you

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