And Again You Wear a Mask

November 11, 2010
Everyday you wake up and hide behind a mask.
It’s easier if no one questions, easier if no one asks.
You know if you say just enough, and act a certain way
People don’t wonder, and you’ll make it through the day.
But at night, the time comes when you can’t stand to put on the show.
The pain breaks through the mask, and the emotions start to flow.
You feel hurt, you feel helpless, and the tears start to fall.
You can’t find where you went wrong, or if you did anything at all;
But still you take the blame for you see no other choice,
You tell yourself you should have spoke up, should have found your voice.
Thinking about what you would have said, wishing you could rewind.
But in reality, the decision was set; there was no changing their mind.
Eventually, you fall asleep, telling yourself the pain won’t last;
But in the morning, the hurt’s still there, and again you wear a mask.

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