love u boy

October 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Everything I look at your pretty eyes make me feel like I am in the sky … I love yours random jokes they make me laugh all the time I love the way tht u make me happy just for look at me .. When we talk I have a mini heart attacks cuz my heart get way to happy wen I am listening to ur voice … when I am down ur love bring me way up to the sky … yous hand holding mine is the best thing tht could ever happened. U have the prettiest smile I ever saw and when u hug me I feel like never leaving I wish see u again so I could tell u all tht I feel for u, I hope tht u r not playing with my heart cuz I think you r my real true love but the destiny don’t want us to be together but anyways we can still be best friends and still hide our feeling for each other and babe don’t worry I will never leave u and this is not a lie cuz I will never will joke with something like tht because I honestly love u with all my heart .

The author's comments:
people sorry is sometimes do not make sense is cuz idk tht much english...

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