The Wispy Waves of O’er

November 23, 2007
The wispy waves of o’er,
In time gone back to first
Through trials, famine, loss,
The steadfast ones stand firm

Their piercing eyes of depth
Their keen true hearts of gold
Beat one with mine and yours
With us through highs and lows

As time winds fow’rds again,
The life we live proceeds
Unending trials faced
Yet all with someone sees

We need them yes, yet are them
We want, yet give ourselves
Their names we all know well
And will forever more

For such is our life time
To give each other hope
And through all tears and hurts
They give us hands to hold

They fight and fight for our sakes worth,
Through fiery bitter tears
They labor quite, in the dark
To show how much they feel

These people as we know,
Present themselves to hear
Our hurts our wants, to dry our tears,
They wish to hear our fears

Through everything aboundeth
An ever present force
A mighty hold does bind us
That which ensnares our hearts

I speak of our own friends,
These people Oh so dear
We have a claim on them
As both have tread the years

Togetherness now binds us,
Without them we are lost
Through time we do so wander
Yet friends, sweet friends are ours.

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