Brandy’s Last Run

November 22, 2007
By Kayli Mullins, Weare, NH

It was sprinkling out that morning
But no one took it as a warning
Tacking up I had a doubt
But no one wanted to move out

As I warmed up something didn’t feel right
My horse wanted to fight
She usually wasn’t like this
But it was something I decided to dismiss
For the show was about to start up
And I was the first in the line-up

Barely under control we went through that gate
Trying to go down the rail straight
I had a bad feeling
Closer to the barrel we were reeling
She had started to slip
The wet ground had made her trip

That moment felt like forever
Jumping of was a scary endeavor
Once at a halt
I felt as though it was my fault
She was standing there shaking
Watching her was painstaking

In a moment my mother was there
Of her concern I was unaware
For my focus was on Brandy
And I had no thoughts handy

That day would become her last Barrel Race
For a fractured bone was the case
Once healed she had to leave
For she would never race again

But I still do believe
That she was my best horse
I was to receive

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