Heaven Awaits

November 22, 2007
The screams and the shouts from the kids in the halls,
To the cries and the tears and the sorrows and the calls.
The weapon of choice being a gun and two more,
They swept through the school coming in through the door.
I saw the masks and I wondered why,
Why wear masks if we're all going to die?
I ran for the window, a clear door to freedom,
But didn't quite make it I was shot and was bleedin'.
I cried out to you a short prayer full of hope,
And you gave me words of wisdom that would help me to cope.
As my time came to leave I new I was too young,
But gave up in pain and let my sorrows be hung.
I slipped into darkness and the pain finally ceased,
But my fear for those left behind rapidly increased.
I watched them all scream with terror and coward,
I watched for so long it went on for an hour.
When the screams had stopped and the crying too,
There were many places in heaven reserved for me and you.

In memory of those students and teachers who's lives came to a tragic end on April 20,1999 at Columbine High school in Littleton.

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