A Muted Voice

November 22, 2007
By Breanna Locke, Medway, MA

Just because I’m shy doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say.
Sometimes my shyness is a blanket that I hide under;
People don’t expect a peep out of me,
So I don’t have to worry about what I should say.
But other times I want to be heard.
I want to say what I need to say.
But if I am feeling withdrawn,
My mouth won’t open.
Sometimes, when I am feeling brave,
I do speak up.
But do they hear me?
Sometimes I wonder.
Since when in public, I speak so little,
You’d think that when I do speak
They would hear me.
Yes, sometimes they do.
But more often, they do not.
For they are used to me being invisible,
So they don’t see me
Because they don’t expect to see me.
I have thoughts.
I have emotions.
I have opinions.
I have a personality
Hidden under my introverted exterior.
Believe it or not
I exist just as you do.
And just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I don’t have a voice.

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