Ode to Pencil

November 22, 2007
By Breanna Locke, Medway, MA

Oh, pencil!
You know me so well;
For I use you to express myself.
Such vast power in your slender frame;
You transfer elusive thoughts in my head
Onto ever so tangible paper.
Whether you are at times sharp, or dull,
Your astounding effect remains constant.
Without you, where would we be?
Surely, we’d all be lost without your talent
Of making words and drawings last.
Preserving the world’s culture-
What a beautiful gift to posses!
You even exhibit an eraser,
To cleanse away life’s mistakes.
You brush against the paper
Like a bird in flight traces along the edge of the sky.
And how my feeble heart wrenches
Whenever I must put you through that sharpener...
But, though your size dwindles with every use,
My incredible love for you does not.
Don’t let them say you’re obsolete-
You are a timeless beauty that I shall never tire of.
Oh, pencil!
You are a wooden masterpiece.

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