Cab Driver

November 21, 2007
By Sarah Hayes, Rochester, MN

Amongst flustered passengers and horrific drivers
A New York City cab driver listens to show tunes
Rocking gently on his tattered seat
Smelling of years of filthy, drunk city girls and boys
Driving in New York City is permanently difficult,
Seemingly pointless, frustrating
I believe that the sun may never come out tomorrow
But the show tunes are gratifying, purposely placed within a story line

I believe in enjoying something in everything

At the end of the night, the cab driver parks his yellowed car in the garage
He reflects upon a day of mindlessness,
Red, yellow, red
Stop and go, go and stop
Yell some more, dodge the cop
He shuffles and shivers home
Smelling roasting peanuts and salty pretzels
I believe that I may always feel like I walk alone
But the fragrant food stand makes the day enjoyable

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