Things Die

November 21, 2007
By Emily Truong, Brook Park, OH

A dead flower on the windowsill
It's red little petals falling like tears.
Cried the day you changed
Your smile, haven't seen it in a while.
I miss it so, what happened?
Your laugh, haven't heard it in a while.
It's like the old you has faded away into nothing
Nothing at all
And it doesn't look like she will be coming back anytime soon
Things die, like your happiness
My pain of losing you won't fade away
Things die, like the person you used to be
Feel like i have tears on my cheeks
Even though when I touch them they're dry
My heart still feels broken
Doesn't look like it will heal anytime soon
Why won't you come back to who you used to be?
Why do you never smile anymore?
I still hope the old you's somewhere in this world
I hope there's still a piece of the old you somewhere in you

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