Death of A Brother

December 12, 2007
I met you back in 7th grade

We instantly became friends

A day you always made

We Were friends to the end

We hung out a lot in grade 8 and 9

Everyday at school

Around each other, we would never whine

Even though we acted like fools

In 10th grade you were like my brother

Always there when the group was down

Then you joined the group as the other

Member who never frowned

I remember the joy we used to share

Always smiling, never sad

About each other, we truly cared

The days with you were never bad

Then, on June 1st, I learned you’d died

It was the result of a car accident

When I heard you’d fallen asleep and would never wake up, I cried

All The good times we’d spent

Would all just be a memory

I watched you go up to Heaven

All I want to do is see

My friend from grade 7

You turned to an angel at age 16

You got your wings to fly

The world was mean

To make you die

At least you’ll never feel anymore pain

You were my buddy with the smile

To rest, you have been lain

Your smile lasted a long while

I will visit your grave

You helped me out like a mother

The news of your death will never pave

This was the death of a brother

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