O ye martyrs of the AP

December 12, 2007
By Lauren Powell, Hockley, TX

Creative Writing made me write a poem
About my day today
Woe to thee, those who posses literacy
Because you shall not be entertained
Maybe you’ll even fall asleep.
Jerk. I want to sleep too you know,
But I had to write this poem.

Never woke up.
My life hazy like a dream
Mirrors saved me from ridicule,
Pants what a tangled web they weave!

Missed my daily caffeine fix.

First to second-bleh don’t know
I only remember Religion
Ironic since I don’t really go to church
Ye sinners … not forgiven

It was peaceful holding hands
I came alive within that moment

Warmth and bliss
Now gone Amiss
Replaced by cold dread
Physics is near
Wave goodbye to those you hold dear
For they will soon be dead

So apparently I died today
I cannot feel
I couldn’t have possibly survived
I didn’t even wash the hairs on my head
GOD how I WISH I’d just stayed in BED!

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