Ode to Dancing

December 12, 2007
Since I was three
You are all I wanted to do and be
In my dark blue leotard, my prized possession
I sat and waited for my next lesson

Next came the purple one
I always dreaded when my practice was done
Practicing my “shuffle-ball-change”
Until I was doing them on stage

Now, I wear a black leotard, many I do
Because I was able since “Ballet II”
My white tap shoes turned to black
Because I am no toddler, now that is a fact!

The summer of 2005
Was when I jumped up a level, what a ride!
I worked with all my might
For what I wear every Tuesday night

My pointe shoes have been with me since I was eleven
But I have not had the some pair this whole time
I have purchased at least nine!
And trust me; they do not cost a dime

Last year was the best
Every Saturday I did not rest!
I had company every week
After the long practices, I did somewhat wreak

Recitals come and go
But we definitely prepare for the show!
Tech rehearsals, dress rehearsals
So many they make my head spin!

But in the end,
I know it was worth it
To hear the audience
Cheer with all their wit

Dance, you give me such joy
You are better than any Christmas toy
I do not know what I would do without you
In the end, you never make me blue

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