The Reflection

October 27, 2010
It was a brisk day in autumn, forever remembered in thought
Sitting by my windowsill, lonely and distraught
I walked over to my mirror, hoping my flaws were gone
Pondering why it was, that she broke my heart
All of a sudden I heard a voice and jumped suddenly with a start
It was my reflection talking to me, saying “Life goes on”

Taken aback by this mirror in front of me
I challenged it asking, “What else do you see?”
It’s only reply was “Life goes on”, was this a joke?
I may be mad for seeing myself talking back to me
Is it smoke and mirrors or something else that I see?!
This mirror toying with me, while my heart is broke

I had covered the dreaded reflection with anything I could
Trying to avoid seeing something no one ever should
Though it was fruitless for as life went on—
In ponds and windows I still saw this reflection
Shall I hide all my life without love or affection?
I wondered if this haunting would ever be gone

Ignoring the reflection was only done in vain
Confronting its same reply was only a meticulous pain
My love still gone forever and yet to arrive
I hit every mirror that came into view
Fresh blood always arriving anew
The suffocation of evil and hate shall always thrive

So I waited and waited and waited more
I waited so much I began to bore
Admiring everything from the couch to the lawn
Then, love meant nothing in the least
Solitude and depression having a feast
Sooner or later life will go on

Then one day the reflection vanished
I was in disbelief; Life back before this curse was brandished
That’s when a girl came to my door just before the break of dawn
Someone to heal my everlasting defection
The best thing about her; she had no reflection
I guess life truly does go on

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