The One

November 7, 2010
By KyleGarbacz GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
KyleGarbacz GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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…’You could've been the next one
(God only knows)
You could've been the one to comprehend me
You could've been the only one
(the broken down and sick one)
You could've been the one who if lie with’
(FMLYHM by Seether)

This is the song I listen to
This is how I feel about you
This is what I thought that first night
That night I could no longer control my anger
The anger that you now know so well

That side you saw…
This is what I hide from everyone
You are the ONLY one that knows this side first hand
This side that can turn the best friend away forever
This anger is relentless having built up
I was afraid off who would break it
And I just wish that it was on something BIGGER

It was HUGE to me but not big in the eyes of others
I am sure you were surprised
For you didn’t expect to receive this reaction
The reaction that is least accepted by all those

Those that ‘know’ me best
Those that claim to understand
Not ONE single person on this world understands my pain
The pain that has eaten away at my soul
The pain that has caused my anger to build
To build up and flourish

I am sorry that you had to see this side
But I would say that to anyone so…
Am I truly sorry or am I just saying so?
I wish I knew that myself
And can’t even tell if I still love you or
If I can even stand to be around you

We shall see soon which it is because…
I can’t keep you from my mind
You just keep reentering like a bad dream
Sometimes I don’t mind but at times it bothers me…

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