[MY] Wish in the Well

November 4, 2010
I'm afraid to tell you what's really on my mind.
Fear of being laughed at. Looked down on. [TALKED] down to...(that's the worst of the worst)
And I'm not the best at trusting others.
And it's hard for me to let you in...
[I want to...]
I want to be transparent {to you}
But it's so--hard.
See because, if I let you in,...and you hurt me, (??)
I couldn't take that. I wouldn't survive more heartache and pain.
So I keep you blocked out.
Yet I long to just reach out and let you in...

I'm still young.
I don't want to be a bleak girl.
I want to stay light, fresh, new and fine!

-yeah, just another [wish in the well].


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