Death takes us all

November 4, 2010
By Abbandoned SILVER, Auburn, Nebraska
Abbandoned SILVER, Auburn, Nebraska
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The dark surrounds me, leaving me to be
The one that bites the dust, leaving me filled with lust
To grab the blades and scream tonight, with all this hellish might
To bring the blades across my arms, to fill this world with harm
As the screams of fear fly, the blood rains down from the sky
The streets begin to crumble, as the buildings become rubble
Everyone begins to cry as they all begin to die
They all ask us why when the bullets begin to fly
The fire burns us all, as the angels begin to fall
While you try to save your heart, as it falls apart
You fall down to the ground, asking where its to be found
The pain that brings all the lies, as everyone’s whispering their goodbyes
The tears splash around as you scream without a sound
The pain tearing my voice, leaving me without a choice
As my ears begin to bleed, the worlds filled with greed
As all the killing begins to start destroying everyone’s heart
The water turns into blood, as it all starts a flood
The hatred tearing you apart, as death begins to start
Its destruction of life, as she uses her knife
There is no where to run, as death begins to have her fun
Tearing down, burying us in the ground
The soul trying to flee, as the fire spreads around me
Our fears forcing us to the floor, as they burst through the door
As you close your eyes, to hide from all the lies
Wishing for the world to be saved, as the path is paved
Towards our destruction, as we all halt the construction
To watch the fires in the sky as we all begin to die
As we all march to the beat to taste the defeat
As our lives are forfeit as we strive to make it
To live on with our life, to endure endless strife
We give up our lives to die; we’ll all begin to fly
Here comes the flood, thick from the blood
From the children that have done harm, the source from the scars on their arms
As a rose begins to rise, we all look up to the skies
As you grab the rose, they all begin to overdose
The rose withers and dies, its forsaking its beautiful lies
Don’t try to deny it, we only sacrifice it
The life’s of us suicides, no matter how hard it all hides
We can’t resist our pain that we can’t use at our gain
For us all to slash ourselves to ribbons, till our blood blackens
We all hold our heads as the blood bathes our shoulders; we are the world’s beholders
We can’t take the hate; we give up to the checkmate
We just bow our head and rest ourselves on our deathbed
We all close our eyes and we all say our goodbyes
Our soul leaves our body as we take a breath, then we begin our dance with death.

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