End of a Friendship

November 21, 2007
By Sarah Price GOLD, New City, New York
Sarah Price GOLD, New City, New York
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It’s the biggest lie
The world has ever seen
That you can cut me off,
And think the break is clean.

Did you honestly think,
I wouldn’t cry?
You pretend it’s alright,
If you just say goodbye.

It’s not the fact that you’re letting go,
It’s the way you do it with unconscious spite,
It’s the way you tell yourself,
“I know she’ll be alright.”

If you just admitted to yourself,
That hurting me was not okay,
Then you could have broken off,
Without causing so much dismay.

And now it’s too late,
To repent for what you said,
You can’t take back the tears you caused.
And our friendship is dead.

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