Come here, child

November 20, 2007
By Delaney Murphey, Midlothian, VA

Come here, child
let me see your hand, and tell me
does it still tickle when I touch the tip
of your littlest finger,
does it leave goosebumps on your arm?
can you feel that I am here?

Come here, child
look me in the eyes, and tell me
are they not still green, are they not
still my own?
look closer, child and you will find,
though this hair, these shoes, these times have changed

these eyes remain the same.
and I'll admit, perhaps they have deepened
in their hue.
for they have seen much more than afore,
but then again, haven't you too?
tell me child, can you see what I say?
is any of this making it through to you?

Come here, child
I've a truth to whisper in your ear
no, not a secret, nor a lie
nothing I would pray you hide
you've heard enough of those, and to tell
you dear child,

I've not the imagination for that sort of hell
my childhood books were not
riddled with that deception
although I'm sure some would beg to differ.

but back to my message, child
back to my purpose.
I ask, can you feel?
can you see, can you hear?

Take it further, onward to taste and smell
do these senses fall in check?
if so, I have but the most adoring news
dear child, you are alive.

and if that be your case, then take a stand
Tell these monsters to take the day.
Your nightmares will soon be through
Your deliverance is long overdue

the hardest part is realizing,
the hardest part is accepting, that you
are not condemned.
what ever deemed you deserving of
such a brutal, horrid fate?
now is where you wake up,
now is where you understand

Dear child, you are alive!
Dear child, you'll be alright.

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