November 20, 2007
Icy tendrils clasp my heart
smoky fingers crawl up my spine
logic runs away and hides
each sense on alert
soaking in the nothingness
yet exploding
fires in my mind
that create false stories
every muscle tense
each breathe not filling my lungs
my eyes consume my face
dark creativity unleashed
solitude overwhelms me
there is no comfort in being alone
only wretched freedom
where my demons make playgrounds
torturing each molecule of my being
creatures scale my walls
intruders in my house
they thirst for death
yet I do not flee
I shrink
darkness conceals
the things I know do not exist
yet my mind insists they do
sheer agony
pure torment
unleashing itself on me
my mind is my cage
forced in
each night
no way out
of anxiety

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