I'm Beginning To Lose My Arachnophobia

November 20, 2007
I've taken a liking to Spiderman
I think he's the super-est hero
Climbing walls, de-sanding Sandman
The friendly neighborhood... well, you know

I'll dye my hair red and blue
'Cause I'm a dye-hard fan
although i don't cool him when he's hot
I love him- he's Spiderman!

Spiderman, if i were to fall in love
I'm sure it'd be with you
Cuz' everyone on earth and above
knows how i fancy you

Mary-Jane is kinda pretty
but you deserve more than that
She dated your best friend Harry
And in the third one she's kind of fat

I think red and blue look nice on you
so you should wear those to our wedding
it might not be very traditional...
but human spiders call for something stunning!

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