Make Sure You Know The Real Me

October 27, 2010
By Anonymous

I am Spanglish
But I am only one race
Make sure you know the real me
I’m a Arizona Tea drinking, Rock star sipping fun loving girl
I walk around with my heart on my shoulder
And my head held high
I am a gift
Some call me Mavi
Or just plain old
People say my name filled with boredom
They say it as if it means

You should know,
Some days I feel like an old nail
Just rusting away,
Until I am gone
But some days I am a tree
Planted in place, not being able to progress or decline
But observing,
I am a pencil
Not always perfect
I make mistakes, that eventually
Are gone,

My father
O yes my father
Who I haven’t seen in what feels like
He is in and out of my life
Gone for half a decade
I blink my eyes
Then before me I see a figure
That figure,
Is my father
He stands before me on May 18th
My eyes are a watering mess
I blink again to refresh my mind, to make sure I’m seeing reality
But then I open my eyes I see air
That figure is
He came to give me a present
A soft, fuzzy green Columbia jacket
A present for my birthday
I am so happy
But yet so angry by his abandonment
I love him
I love my dad

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