True Friend

October 27, 2010
By Anonymous

As we walk,
There is a stilled silence...
All to be heard is the soft waves,
The cry of the gulls,
The wind through the trees,
And the ice beneath my feet.
And yet the quiet stirs my heart,
Memories are rustled like fallen leaves;
I cannot help but cry.
I know not the reason,
Or why so suddenly,
But they came.
Silent streams poured down my face.
I think of my life,
And what the future will hold,
Why this has been chosen for me,
And why I’m on this earth.
All through this,
Without a single word to be said,
A friend silently comforts me.
Her simple touch washes over me,
And I feel loved,
And her gentle understanding.
She doesn’t need to know,
Neither the reason,
Or the scars my life has left.
Just being there is all I need.
We continue our walk in silence,
With an occasional whisper of wind
And the laughing of children,
So careless and free,
I wish they could forever stay that way.
With murmured whispers,
I reply what’s on my heart.
She says not a word.
There is no need.
Slowly we arrive to the end,
Our little journey was over.
And yet through it all,
With the silent battle in my heart,
She was there for me,
Whether or not she knew her
Support was needed,
She caught me when I fell,
And needed it most;
A true friend.

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