National Adoption Day My Sister She Became...

November 19, 2007
National Adoption Day My Sister She Became...

She came here our Christmas gift
She fit my stepmom's every wish.
At seventeen she'd been hurt,
But she got away with help.
And after a year of foster care,
where parts were bad and parts were fair.
A teenage girl eighteen she turned
Learned that someone,
Several someone's loved her
And a month later on a
Nationally celebrated day,
She joined that family by law.
that family didn't need the adoption to say "she's part of us."
She became a part of us just by being here.

Who but a sister would dress me for prom?
Who but a sister would get payback for my broken heart?
My sister, my parent's daughter,
May be adopted but as good as blood,
The girl found a family
that treated her with love.

The day she moved in she became my sister,
But on this miraculous day
She really became my sister by law.
Blood doesn't matter in the end,
all we need is love.

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