October 26, 2010
By , Winter Park, FL
I open our locker and gaze at the picture taped to the door
The picture from last summer
The picnic in the park
A bittersweet smile creeps upon my face
And a lonely teardrop falls

Just yesterday I was whole
Now I feel so small

I got my things and walk the hall alone
He has moved and now has a new home
With new girls to rock his world
I take a deep breath and walk alone

I sit in my car
In the cold, unfamiliar seat
Nothing’s the same
Without him here
He kept me together
I’ve got to see him
I can’t breathe

The scenes around me blur into one
Calm down, you can barely see
But I’m beyond comfort now
Suddenly red seems green
And the rest is a dream
A dream of another life
Instantaneously faded with the crunch of metal on metal

I watch from above
As he cries with my family
He blames himself
He wishes he could have saved me
I wish I could tell him the truth
That he couldn’t
No one could

Now I’m just a dream
But yesterday I was whole

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