where im from....

October 28, 2010
By , stockton, CA
I am from parents who always fight
to cries & leaving the house
I'm from Maricela & Juan Jose to
just being from myself
I am from a Mexican family,from
always having parties to a family
who cant even see each other at parties
I'm from my sisters fighting
& leaving the house
I am from looking up to my older sister
to staying up & looking for my sister
I'm from Martha,Juanjose,&Jessica
is all I live for

I am from kids playing outside
& community centers
I'm from where walking home is never
a choice
I am from apartments all around me
I'm from were nice cars & beat
is always heard
I am from gunshots & police sirens
at night or during the day
I'm from a place called THE BAY

I am from playing soccer in the street
to being in the streets & getting in trouble
I'm from Michelle saying
"Mija don't even trip about it,"
to me saying"I cant believe shes gone"
I am from memories on the wall
but now in the closet
I'm from having everyone & everything
good in front of me teaching me the meaning
of life..to my best friend getting shot
at only 16

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