Here I stand

November 19, 2007
Here I stand

Here I stand with eyes that can no longer cry.
Here I stand with fear in my heart as time goes by.
Here I stand with questions in my mind.
Wondering if truth is what we’ll find.
Here I stand with clenched fists and anger in my eyes.
I hear the voice of innocent cries.
I want to move, lend a hand.
Yet here I stand.
I see rage and hate hot as the desert sand.
Yet here I stand.
We all see the destruction that causes fatality.
But we ignore the truth, we can’t face reality.
My body starts to tremble, my eyes start to water. I feel the pain.
The tears start to fall like never-ending rain.
Yet here I stand afraid to move ahead.
So I stand and watch my generation fall around me dead.
My lips start to quiver. My body starts to shiver.
I start to move I hesitate.
And here I stand and wait.
I look around for support and see I’m on my own.
I guess I have to take that step and go on this journey alone.

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