Rose in a field of weeds

November 19, 2007
By Jessica Ingram, Bossier City, LA

In your Garden are magnificent flowers
Their colors radiate through my soul
My life is a flower; growing everyday
My pedals sleep to the stars at night
And wake up to the bright sunlight
But with beautiful things
Comes evil things
Such as weeds – who take over your garden
Eliminating my dreams
This garden is my hopes, dreams and ambition
To get in my garden prove your worth my time
And promise me you wont cross the line
Of trust and lust and trust is a must
God you are the light that shines down on me
I will try to be the best I can be
To grow in your eternal garden
For I am a rose waiting to bloom
Hoping the weeds wont be my doom
My soul is here for you to keep
I will be a leader instead of a sheep
A rose in a field full of weeds
I will shine Shine through the dark
& make you proud
Have faith in me
For I am a rose in a field full of weeds

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