Now everything seems good

November 18, 2007
By Samantha Christopher, Hazel Crest, IL

Now everything seems good
but it's really not like it should
I just can't seem to figure out
what all these trust issues are all about.
I mean, what's it gonna take,
for you to see that I'm not really fake.
I thought you would notice after all the calls that I make.
Or after you saw that it's you and only you that I can't shake.
You are the only one on my mind from day to day,
And the undeniable love that I have for you will never go away.
I don't see why you have doubts anyway.
So what do you say?
Can we put the games away,
and stop with all the play?
It's really not a hard decision,
You just have to follow your feelings from within.
Sit back, relax and give in.
Because what we share is real.
I'm just telling you how I feel.
You're the only one I want to be wtih.
And no, it's not my story and I'm not stickin to it.
We have made it this far,
by just being who we are.
Yeah, I know it's kind of bizarre,
how our friendship has been unsteady
but, as for a relationship I'm ready.
The reason is, I've been waiting so patiently,
not before, but lately,
just to be "wifey".
I'm ready to take my place,
and all them silly girls, I can replace.
And all of our bad memories we can erase.
It's our love for one another than we shall embrase.
Because, now we are stronger.
Stronger than ever,
And together, we shall be forever.
Maybe a house, a family, we could,
Now can everything be good,
like it really should?

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on Sep. 30 2009 at 6:22 pm
raejos24 BRONZE, Hazel Crest, Illinois
2 articles 0 photos 1 comment
This is really good...:)


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