December 3, 2007
I can solve your problems,
and stay with you through the worst.
I can sit back and understand-
Even when you curse.
I'm a candy and a poison-
A sweet and sour mixed-
But most endure the poison,
As long as their problem is fixed.

I'm there when your partner cheats and a broken heart is made.
I create a sort of essence in conversation aid.
I seperate close families,
And intoxicate those who hurt.
But it's mostly your own fault,
For choosing me as your cure.

The person whom you loved,
You can't seem to be around.
And The person whom annoyed you most,
Is the person you've become bound

I'm an emotion that's addicting
When you think it's safe to feel,
And though it won't help others,
it's your shallow feelings I heal.

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