Valleys of Death

October 25, 2010
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these hills beneath the october moon sit in the valleys of neptune this is my wish the one that died take my hand and we will climb through the tide as i sit within my mind sying i might begin to ponder upon dying summon the reaper becon his call we shall fall even deeper and begin to see it all dusk without night is a fear thats in sight let the sun be gone and the moon forever sing its song the mind is wicked especially my own lets provoke the dead from their other world throne but you would rather run away from that of the unknown my body is withered and my mind it aches death lay me to rest set me free from the fakes on the day of reckoning all creatures will cry for we have summoned our own death and deminse yet i can speak no lie we all shall die this being so and the world as such the fiery wind is spilled over vast pastures of death the devil will laugh with his very last breath but death...death lives on. my love has gone though the memories remain i live my life with a marked scar of pain the demons hide behind the blackend path in my mind they wish to find a way to escape through me the temptations are appolling and i can feel the structure of my very sanity falling as the voices keep calling lives once lived have only been visions i ponder on reencarnation as my life sets for revisions

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