The Flood

December 3, 2007
By Marni Wasserman, Commack, NY

Once upon a night so creepy, I lie in bed very sleepy,
Under covers that were warm and toasty where I felt safe and secure,
While I lie there, nearly sleeping, suddenly I heard a seeping,
As if something was a creeping, creeping closer to my door.
“There is much water” I uttered, “Seeping closer to my door-
It’s a flood and nothing more.”

“Oh no,” I called to my father, “I’m sorry to be a bother-
but a pipe has burst and there is water all over the floor.”
We need to stop it from gushing; - remember not to go flushing

Or down stairs it will go rushing – rushing towards our new décor-
Our beautiful brand new living room furniture and décor-
Will be wrecked for evermore.

And the savage spry earsplitting gurgling was not even quitting
Succumb – and numb with tremendous worry I cannot ignore;
I wished I was only dreaming, as I stood in my room screaming
“There is much water streaming closer and closer to my door-
Is too much water streaming closer and closer to my door;-
This is real and nothing more”

As the flood water grew higher; the situation got dire,
I decided to jump out of bed to go out and explore;
But the fact is I was sleeping, but so quickly it came creeping,
And so swiftly it came seeping, seeping closer to my door,
Then I leapt out of my bed and ran to open wide my door;-
It’s a dream and nothing more.

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