The Death of Love

December 3, 2007
By Tiffany Delano, Athens, TN

A rose lying crumpled
On the ground
The petals mashed into the dirt
The Earth was silent
Nothing made a sound

Tears slowly fall
On what used to be
The symbol of love
Now dead and pathetic
It used to be so pretty

She gathered up the pieces
And held them close to her heart
Crying and wondering
Why things just...Fall apart

Blood began to drip
From where a thorn had stabbed her hand
And as the drops hit the ground
She whispered, "I don't understand.."

"Why can't love last forever?
Does it really have to disappear?
Why does it grow weaker.
With each passing year?
When love falls apart,
Just like this rose...
Does anybody know where it goes?"

The wind soon came
And blew the rose away
And as tears slowly fell
She felt her lost hope for love fade

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