Ode to a Yellow Lab That is Absolutely Crazy

December 2, 2007
By Megan F., Andover, KS

Oh, Sadie, my dear, dear Sadie,
You are mighty wild and crazy!!!
Just as I sometimes can seem to be!
But, when you want to, you are quite lazy.
You are definitely a site to see!!!

You like to roll in the disgusting, mushy, dirty mud.
You eat anything that you can seem to find on the ground.
But you are still my best bud!
You are a yellow lab that I am utterly glad that I found!

Even though you can be quite disgusting licking the floor for crumbs,
I still love your guts!
And even though mom gets mad when you eat her mums,
You know I love you even though I call you a pure-bred mutt.

I know that you sometimes smell astonishingly foul.
But you’ve got to know it’s your stupid things you do that gets me to smile!
You get tricked into everything by the lure of CHEESE and think you can hide a bone Inside of the scratch resistant wooden floors in our kitchen.
But I don’t care because you’re caring and loving, nothing like a mean snapping crocodile.

And even though people say you’re mean,
I believe you’re the friendliest thing alive!
You play and cuddle but usually you aren’t very serene.
You do make me angry when you chew on all of my clothes, but I’m glad you are in my family’s lives!

You make me laugh, and yes I do yell at you,
Only when you make me angry, but you know I do love you.
I love the dog that licks the floor,
AND the dog that growls at never before seen roller skates,
AND the dog that growls at your picture when you aren’t even remotely close because, “Why aren’t you playing?”
AND the dog that cuddles with you at night,
AND the one that makes you smile when you go to beddie-by land every night.

Oh, Sadie
Yes, I very much do,
Love you!!!!      

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