A Whisper From the Moon

November 30, 2007
Lying in your bed at night, staring through the window, and a whisper heard softly in your ear as the trees do blow with the wind from the sky. The moon, as it whispers to you from above, casting its light upon you, a false hope to all who bask in its glory. Ever changing, as the days do pass and the darness continues on till all is gone. But new birth, as the moon emerges in its stood, pretentious hopes once dashed brought forth in new found glory. Succulent dreams, never found in earthly passions, as life is played out in a melodiac song, sung only from a hearts epitath. Forming new rivers, the song is played out through the lives of all around, eternal hope sprung from deaths icy cold grasp, and here is where I stand. here is where life stands, in the single note of a moment in lifes song. Standing on the bridge between reality and chaotic fantasy, with the rivers of my sould etched between my wings. And with these wings I fall, spreading over the rivers between resonant canyones of an abyss till I do so fall. I fall into the sky, free from worldly lies and sorrows, as the colors of my heart play a song on the dark side of the moon. For that is where all else comes, from the darkness comes the light, and as does life from death. All in a whisper from the moon.

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