In My Grandmas Eyes

November 29, 2007
I hated the rain
Every drop as it hit the floor
And disappeared in the darkness
Like I wanted to that night

As I jouryned to say goodbye
One last time
As I walked in the storm
God had created
With no umbrella to shelter me
And no tears to shed

As the cursed rain
Formed all the tears I needed
To show my emotion
As every drop hit the corner of my eye
And trickled to my heart

I was ready to say goodbye
As I entered the funeral parlor
As all the family joined hands
For first time in a while

I finally made my way
To the open casket
And bent down
Feeling his hand for the last time
And with all my heart
Kissed him goodbye

As I lay a rose on his body
And as I sat alone
With out a word to say
And then I saw
Something I wish I never lay eyes upon
My nana crying

As she made her way
To her husbands open grave
She cried for him
For life
For love
For what they’ve done wrong

As she held his hand
For the last time
And her tears drops
Became rhythmic against the tile

In that moment
I realized
That love
Never dies

Every kiss
Every touch
Becomes a memory

Every rose
Left on every grave
Never truly fades away

And when they go
Love doesn’t die
But love lives on
In my grandmas eyes

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Ashlaf4ever said...
Apr. 7, 2011 at 9:49 pm
Beautiful, so very touching. My papaw died in 2004 and my grandma recently passed away feb. 13 of this yr. I feel your pain.
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