Hymn to Him

October 19, 2010
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To Him I say: this is my Hymn to praise.
Forever with Him I'll stay, I have to amend my days.
Each night I'll begin to pray, He'll help to hem my ways.
I'm deep in this haze, covered in sin, I'm caged.
Too much to bare and I have end this phase.
Pleasure crazed, and the pressure weighs,
Too much, I have to escape this internal maze,
And repent or be damned in an eternal blaze.
I have to rise up, and I vow to advance.
Enhance my lifestyle and preserve the plans.
Hoping I deserve the chance. Not giving yesterday a glance.
Kneeling with praying hands, in an obeying trance.

Here I'll begin to nurse all of my sins traversed.
I've put myself first, and even coerced.
Egocentric activity have made friends disperse.
Before it ends up worse, I have to end this curse.
Over a decade since I've been to church.
Discoveries of self unmasked in research.
In my thirst to have my pressures alleviated,
I've intoxicated my body and have been fully inebriated.
When baited, I've inflicted pain on others with my own hands,
These aren't actions of a sensible grown man.
Morals are breeched and they seem almost out of reach.
I've opened my mouth and have caused detriment out of speech.
My tongue has spit lies, I've given up without legit tries.
At times I've settled for the bottom and have quit highs.
In a selfish guise, I'd retreat if a problem would arise.
I didn’t revise causing me to be mentally chastised.
No marriage ties and I've lusted more times than I can evoke.
There's just too many things I'm afraid I can't revoke.
I have to ban this cloak. Abandon the shell,
Before I land in a Hell. I stand and I yell,
My plan to repel these sins and I've began to expel,
And I will quell these sins that I've manned and I've held.
Lord, I need your hand to excel.

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