The Inner Battle

November 29, 2007
By Samantha Biswas, Cary, NC

You criticize what you do not now.
You belittle those who aren't like you.
You insult, you lie, and you manipulate to make yourself seem supeior.
Have you not realized that you're putting yourself down the same way you do others?
Snide remarks and crud comments.
They come from inside you.
From inside that "perfection" you try to push forward and force into everyone's face.
Remarks and insults coming from you simply reveal what you truly are.
Insecure- you let your inseurity control you.
You allow it to take your sense and maturity hostage.
Those people ut there didn't do this to you.
They never insulted you, never belittled you, never treated you as demandingly as you treat thm. They're the innocents being affected by your inner battle with yourself.
You insult because you're afraid.
The quaities ou despisein yourself shadow you eyes and become the qualities of someone else- an innocent
You may think its fun to laugh at that poor bystander.
You make think it'll make you GOD, but, in the end, you'll realize that you were doing the battle with yourself the whole time.
After all, you are your own worst critic.

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