Without A Trace

October 19, 2010
By DaniT GOLD, Mallard, Iowa
DaniT GOLD, Mallard, Iowa
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Stuggle with a smile- Do whatever you have to do, but never let them see you cry.

They know how to put on a show

He hides the bitterness. She puts away the pain

Act like best friends in front of people

Alone they drive each other completely insane

He can't stand the girl

She wishes he would burn in hell

Every time they hear each other speak

their hatred starts to boil and swell

The coldness. The cruelty

It's all there in his voice

Scolding her for falling in love

As if she ever had a choice

The loathing in her eyes

He sees it ever so clear

Her heart gives way

Letting go a single tear

She hates him for causing this hurt

For putting her through so much pain

Thinking about how close they once were

Makes him weak. His energy it drain

He blames her for

The actions he took

She hates how her heart still leaps

When ever the boy smiles or looks

The love they had is lost

Bitterness and loathing fill its place

Their friendship, their trust

Both disappeared gone without a trace

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