The Orb

November 29, 2007
By Tara Paris, Louisville, KY

On the distant horizon of early morning
Rises a brilliant orb

Dark blue waters embrace the orb
Attempting selfishly to hold the warmth

Like a kaleidoscope in the sky the orb changes from the
Paleness of pink, blending warmth of color
To a glistening yellow, commanding the sky.

The orb rises triumphal over the night
To the lightening blue sky of day

Higher and higher the orb rises
Casting its sharpened rays below

Time passes as the orb is suspended in the sky
Warming the still air for the enlightened day

Then just as it seems the orb is fixed and day is eternal
A call is heard to return to the cool waters

Not from the waters of the night from which the orb was delivered
But to the waters not yet touched by its fiery glory

Down the orb goes, into the new waters
Waters that seem to boil with its touch

Brighter the orb radiates its orange color
Saying farewell to the day

Until at last it’s gone beneath the water
And night begins its song

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