Shadow of a Nightmare

November 26, 2007
The midst of the night,
The whistling of the wind quivered threw the windows,
The shadows of trees danced across our beds,
All gazing at the creature soaring threw our cabin,
Fixed on its vigorous set of wings,
A cold shiver ran down my spine,
The silence was stinging my ears,
No one could possibly have the audacity to move,
Its shadow swept over the wall adjacent to myself ,
Traumatized by what I had just seen,
My eyes starting tearing as to not miss a single movement,
Hearing the door open and jolt against the outside of the cabin,
“Is it gone?”
I heard a yes, thank god, and finally,
My body went back to its normal temperature,
Suddenly realizing how weary I was,
I could never forget this night.

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