October 13, 2010
By Connor Canavan BRONZE, Milford, Michigan
Connor Canavan BRONZE, Milford, Michigan
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Everyday I get on the Merry-Go-Round
The ride my parents put me on
Getting up early
The motion of kids pushing
Right, left, and in circles
All the noise and commotion
In between dull, gray walls
The bell ring=
The day begins
One period after another
I take the same journey every time
Again and again,
Until I'm sick of it and want to stop
But I don't

My eyes flick to the clock
Every now and then,
Hoping that my need to leave
Will make time go faster
But it doesn't

Pens scribbling on paper
The monotone voices
All distant in my mind
The final bell rings,
Books slam, pens click
Chairs hit the desk
Now I'm free

But I'm not,
Because tomorrow
The Merry-Go-Round will be waiting for me again.

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