October 14, 2010
By Chrysie_flow. BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
Chrysie_flow. BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
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The butt of a cigarette,

burning through her skin.

Impurity so grave,

turned into a sin

She’s screaming for help

Is anyone there?

is anyone there?

There was no response.

Trapped in her house

all doors closing in,

toppling over

with no


Glances at the ceiling,

watching it while it deteriorate

As all the bricks fall off.

It shows the bulging eyes,

of an emerging beast.

The beast is reaching in,

prying her out ,

of her inflaming doors.

Like a fly,

Swatting for

her life

But merely,

she’s only a kid

No one else to reply,

alone in the grave

only to


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