Little Rabbit

October 3, 2010
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Run through the forest my little rabbit
Because one day you will die
One day you will breathe you’re last breath
And your freedom will fly

But little bitty rabbit
Maybe you won’t fly
Maybe I’ll kill you
Or roast you alive

Maybe I’ll be a monster, and scare you ‘til you cry
Or smack you ‘til you scream
Laugh as you die

Little rabbit, what will you do
When I start breathing down your neck
When I come for you

Little rabbit, you just might be a new sacrifice
For my newest practice
Of carving things up nice

Oh little rabbit, with your little fluffy tail
How much would it hurt
If I made you wail

My precious little rabbit
What will happen when you die?
Will you family really scream
Will your family really cry?

Or will your family laugh so meanly
At your very unfortunate death
Because my little rabbit
You are an evil wretch

So my little rabbit
Because nobody will save you
I’m going to love this moment
But don’t worry

I’m going to savor you.

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