October 11, 2010
By mouse. GOLD, Kewanee, Illinois
mouse. GOLD, Kewanee, Illinois
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Inside this room,
Nothing can be heard
Not even the loudest plea for help,
Can escape the thick, soundproof walls

Determined, hopful, driven,
The pleas continue

Throat raspy, tired, sore
Hands broken, bruised
Still, hopeful for rescue


Still, no one takes a glance
At the truth

The pleas, constant beagging, screaming,
Mear whispers, taken by the wind

Slowly, losing what little hope there is,
The tiredness sinks in;
Hands bruised, broken,
Heart beyond repair,

The last shed of hope slowly fades,
Determaniton non-existant,
Ready to give up;
Heart cold, eyes dead, face pale,

Finally, a glance is thrown toward the
Dark, cold, room one lies within

A true prince charming, willing to give up everything

Slowly, shattering, the room falls apart
Revealing the truth within

The dead, heart broken, frail girl,
That you saved.

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