October 9, 2010
By Amina_Morsy BRONZE, London, Other
Amina_Morsy BRONZE, London, Other
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I wana b a smartie pants so frikin bad.. get al da grades I neva had! I wana b on da cover of skool magizines... Showin my A* 2 da queen!! My remix ahaa =P x

Yu N****s Aint Wavey Yur Jus Lazy... Gun Shots Make Yu Scream Like A Lady. . .

All these olders in your life
Is the only thing you think is keeping you alive
Because now you cant even move with out a trigger being aimed at your life
Everyone just expects to die
And I dont blame Them
Tell me how many fathers stand by their side
And how many years does it take to live your life

Let me make thingz a little bit clearer
I need you but your never there for me
I tried to look for you but i never had th right key
I even dreamed of you but it was hard for me to see

So tell me how many tear are you willing to cry
And how many times are u willing to try
All these broken hearts that die each day
It aint because of poverty
Its cos of wot we say
We dont even think we choose the wrong way
But trust me one day where going to have to pay
See I dont think u understand but its hard to explain
Even though I tried it still makes me feel pain.

I dont even know why where goin through this phase
Whether ur white, black, asian or mixed race
Dont be a fool an follow the craze
Make sure your heard an you've had your say
All you young youths put ur weed, guns and shanks away
It puts you in trouble and leaves you in pen
And now tell me what you going to do then
You aint going to have no home no family and no frends

So just hear me out and listen to what I say
And I hope it makes u feel better in every way
We shudnt go round stabbing up the people
Cos now everyone is going to think that where evil
Not giving us a chance to show that where equal

And I know you all tried
But its hard to get away
Dont listen to them lies, that people have to say
It just breaks up your family and pushes frends away
Im not telling you this as a complaint
Im just trying to help you find the right way

Believe me I went through this and I thought i'd be put to my grave
But God is always there for you
Just dont forget to pray
Having God in your life takes away some pain
I think ive said enough I hope im not hurtin ur brain
But I wish it changes ur life startin 2day


The author's comments:
i wrote this poem after expierencing a very sad moment of my life i wanted to express my feelings in a way that young people will understand, and start changing their lifes so that they dont expierence one of these moments...

well enjoy i hope you like it and feel free to give me positive or negative feedback :) x

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