in vibrant culture

October 7, 2010
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In vibrant culture one wanders,
Eyes full, and heart alive,
Amazement far past ordinary wonders,
So short in a long-lived drive.

A world unreal but true as day,
A place where all desires play,
Of clouded eyes and come what may.

Where we stand now by the plastic stars,
In the rusty, gilded nest of riches,
Refined with the sinful impurities and locked behind old bars,
Their smooth act is clear of mistakes or odd stitches.

Decorated in glass, color, crystal too,
Cluttered, divine, and so untrue,
Light and love in every hue.

The men and women all gave in,
With pinstripes, colors, dazzle and glitter,
Crowded with the presence of sin,
Where words are free to sew in the flitter.

Worlds meet here and wars all cease,
And all partake in new-age peace,
All are free, all bounds release.

Pinnacle of the new era, revolution without change,
Memories of the outside are covered by those within,
A mass of trends, a mash of mixed collide with those in range,
Where nameless things hold power, where the impure always win.

Bobbles, jewels in the poor man's dress,
For thieves rewarded as they confess,
And allowed another chance for success.

Of the gloried saints, there are few,
Where one equates the other, nothing has an age,
Nothing exists outside the moment, everything is new,
A chapter ends here, so turn to the next page.

Luck in lies will get you here,
And give to you what is most dear,
So learn the trick of 'Play by ear.'

And here we are at the story, and it has just begun,
A man who shuffles cards in red and always wins the game,
Is staring at the million stars, remembering the sun,
And a thought is thought from those bored lights, who giggle and take aim.

It is her number, her final chance,
To learn his poison cobra's dance,
He can't dismiss her at a glance.

Because her song and the star's arrow enchants him,
And he falls in his favorite flash of colors and skin,
People rush by them and the lights grow dim,
And embers light by their heated kin.

And they are theirs, and all is unbound,
And hours pass as the strings are unwound,
And two new truths leave the lost and found.

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