Cold Begins to Come

November 6, 2007
By Sara Mansuri, Holmdel, NJ

Cold Begins to Come
As the leaves on the trees start to fall;
it gets colder, as I recall.
It's too cold to go outside;
and all of the grasses died.
You want to stay inside and drink some tea;
if you get want you could go and ski.
I want more snow to come;
it's so cold I'm almost numb.
I can't wait for another snow day;
then I could ride on a sleigh.
Then we wouldn't have school;
and that would be very cool.
It's cold enough to wear a sweater;
I should wear one for the better.
If I go outside, I need a coat;
November is the time to vote.
I might even need a hat;
but I might not need that.
Then I put on my shoes;
Which shoes should I choose?
I finally went in the snow;
to run around to and fro.
With my friends I have so much fun;
over the blanket of snow I run.
I wish I could do this everyday;
even though there is no way.
Soon it is time to go in;
I walk inside with a grin.
Overnight, the snow will begin to melt;
I will think about all that I have felt.
When I'm in bed I go to sleep;
but I can't and have to count sheep.
Tomorrow I will have to go back to school;
and talk about today like it was precious jewel.

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