The Way I Feel

November 5, 2007
By Monisha Sugla, Holmdel, NJ

The Way I Feel

I listen to your voice,
Like a clear, warm summer day,
It touches me,
Just like when a breeze puffs against my arm,
And I that feeling I get,
When I get bumps on my arms and,
The hair on my arms stands up as if they’re all alone in the world,
It’s hard to explain.

But when I look up into the sky at night,
And look up at the stars,
Lying down in the grass,
Feeling like an ant among world,
I just feel like everything will be better,
Like sponge soaking all the fears and unhappiness out of me
I feel right.

When I look in the mirror,
A girl appears,
Not sure what she wants,
But a girl who is afraid to let go,
To express herself when everything if wrong,
Or everything is right,
She brushes away at any conversation with feelings,
So shy,
Still unsure.

It’s the way I feel when I plunge onto my bed,
Under the covers,
Feeling like I am safe,
From everything in the world,
Nothing can harm me,
My blanket,
Like a barrier,
As a foreshadow from all my troubles ahead,
I feel like I’m in an ocean,
Calm and serene.

I can’t explain this feeling,
But it’s the way I can’t explain,
The taste of my first cookie,
Or going to the beach for the first time
As my toes dipped into the ocean
With the crashing of waves
It’s the way I can’t be without you,
Or can’t even imagine what it would be like
Because when I’m with you,
It’s just you and me.

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