Forget, but don't regret

November 5, 2007
She likes him because he likes her?
She is not sure.
He is the sensitive kind, she hears.
"That's nice," she thinks, but fears.
Has it gone farther than meant to go?
She does not know.
Her mind once solidifed and sure,
Now just a puddle and a blur.
Her confidence gone without a trace.
Her heart beats without a pace.
Her mind beings to wonder and race.
What is the decision she must now face?
She can't afford to blink,
For what will he think?
Go forward with the path ahead,
Words now stolen and dead.
Fall back into the freefall of your dreams;
Not a easy as it seems.
Don't cry.
Just try to forget those worries.
Try not to care.
Just forget, but don't regret.

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